See you at May Day…

Yes, we are back in the Harris & Clark store for the biggest day of the year May Day. We have a half a dozen local honeys, some of Anissa’s Strawberry and Blueberry preserves and lots of bottled water. Also joining us will be Southern Cheese Please, Truly Living Well (one of our favorite Urban Farmers) and Local Made By Hand Product (which makes amazing, locally sourced, hand made Salsas).

We will open our doors at Noon and close just after 5 p.m.

All the best,


Jamie Oliver Wants to Save our Children!

Already a fan of Jamie, we found ourselves inspired by his vision and caring. It’s amazing that a Brit needed to come to America to remind us that we are killing our children. God bless him! You can find more information about the work that Jamie is doing here in the states, and worldwide, at his website here.

As part of winning the 2010 TED prize, Jamie was given a $100,000 and a wish that the TED community will collectively support over the next 12 months. What was his wish?

“I wish for the TED community to create a movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and bring people together everywhere to fight obesity,” said Jamie. “My hope is that millions more people will learn, as so many have already, that it is a happier, healthier life that is built around eating good food, together with family and friends.”

Think how you and your family, or business, might support this revolution. Our children are counting on us.

Trying Something New…

What do you think of homemade Catsup? To be honest I HATE modern, mass produced stuff. It’s simply “Karo” syrup and a little red food coloring. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for home made catsup (or ketchup), but this recipe from the Macon Cook Book (1909) looks like something that I need to give a shot.

Macon Cook Book Catsup Recipe

Macon Cook Book Catsup Recipe

Enjoying April McGreger’s Preserving Session at the Ga Organics Conference

We have been following April’s Farmer’s Daughter Brand products for a couple of years. Not only is she an amazing preservationist, but she is someone that we admire for her passion around keeping the art of traditional preserving alive. She would kind enough to provide a couple of different resources for those in the session:

1) She provided a collection of preserving recipes- you can find them by clicking here.

2) She also provided a list of preserving resources for those that are just starting out – here.

I’m hoping to be able to interview her after the session. Cross your fingers…

Blogging live from the Georgia Organics 2010 Conference

Georgia Organics 2010 Conference

I’m overjoyed that Georgia Organics asked me to speak again this year about Social Media and the good food movement – I think they like me!

The great news is that the session yesterday was well attended and after 4 hours of Social Media the majority of the class seemed empowered to go out and take on world.

I learned the few things from the workshop members:

1) Helping people connect the dots between Facebook, Podcasting, and blogging is really important.

2) Showing example of what others are doing is more important that explaining how it “work”s – seeing the podcast of or Slow Foods created “Wow” moments for a number of the workshop members.

So thanks to all those that attended the workshop and thanks to Georgia Organics for empowering the movement.


Coming out of the cave and thinking about Spring…

We hope this finds you all well. We have been “hibernating” since the end of December. It was much needed and something that after 2 and a half years of working 7 days a week we didn’t realized how GREAT it would feel.

So, two weeks ago the temperature was in the mid 40’s then a weekend of snow, now it’s 55 outside and our minds are telling us that it’s time to prepare for Spring.

So, we are making plans, speaking with farmers and friends and thinking about how to make 2010 an amazing year. Any thoughts?

Apple Butter Slow Cooked to Perfection!

apple in hand

The rich brown color just knocks me off of my feet. I’m in love! I had been searching for a perfect apple butter and, I found it!  After experimenting with apples for a few weeks, nothing really tasted amazing.  I was looking  for an apple butter that would make me yearn to make biscuits.  This slow cooked version has done it!  The apples are the main attraction. The holiday three (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves) compliment well. Thanks to Alejandra Ramos of my search is over!

Something We Have Decided to Make – BETTY CARAMELS

Betty Caramels

Betty Caramels - Atlanta Women's Club Cookbook 1921

This is a recipe we found in a very old cookbook that we’ve decided to give a try. We love caramels and it looks like Betty liked keeping it simple. If you make the recipe let us know what you think.

Atlanta Womens Club Cookbook Cover 1921
You can find a copy of the cookbook here thank to good old Google Book Search.

It’s Apple Season and we are OVERJOYED!

North Georgia Apples in the Frig

North Georgia Apples in the Frig

What’s your favorite North Georgia apple? Mudsu? Gala? Winsap? Jonegold? Tell us. We plan to make apple chips tonight. We will let you know how they turn out.

Pickled Vidalia Onions Rock Harris & Clark to its Core!

 Harris & Clark Pickled Vidalia Onions

Harris & Clark Pickled Vidalia Onions

There was no blind tasting; no questions as to why the Figs Preserves were next to the Pepper Jelly, which was next to the Pickled Vidalia Onions, just an in-store stampeded to the Pickled Onions – I have to admit they are sweet and tangy; and really good.

Pickled Onions with Habaneros Pepper
And not being one the enjoys “spicy” food, I even enjoyed the Pickled Vidalia Onions with a sliced habanero pepper tossed into the mix. To say that peppers add a little kick is an understatement!

First Pick Farms Peppers

The habaneros are from First Pick Farms just down the road from Serenbe; farmer William Hennessy (see below) has been “hooking-us-up” with the some of the most amazing peppers over the last few weeks. You can find his tomatoes, bell and habanero peppers at the Serenbe Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning from 9 to Noon.

William Hennessy of First Pick Farms

William Hennessy of First Pick Farms