First and Foremost

We are delighted to announce that Harris & Clark, the thoughtful grocery and food school. We have just returned from New York, where we attended an amazing weekend class at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). After months of noodling the essence of the business, clarity was found this weekend.

We have decided on the following:

1) Our core principles are Quality, Story, Adventure and Learning. Sound a little strange to talk about ideas like Adventure and Story when it relates to groceries, but we know in our heart of hearts that these principles will make all the difference in the world. During our eight (8) hour “Opening a Gorment Specialty Food Store” we learned that the average profit margin for a grocery retailer is 3%! Yes, 3% at best. Our goal is to become the Starbucks of the grocery business – small, focused, and highly profitable. We hope to create a enviroment that our customers would think of as their third place.

2) We believe in the Boutique Era. Over the last few days Tara Hunt has been blogging about her view of the boutique culture and we could not agree more with her thinking.

3) The point of sale (POS) system will a key part of our customer experience – more to come on this.

4) the shop will be a venue for food, high quality foods. We plan to feature products from Alon’s bakery, Murphy’s and of course the resturants of Serenbe.


1 comment so far

  1. Miss Rogue on

    Where are you located?

    p.s. You may want to become like a less vilified brand. When people think Starbucks, many think of them as mass produced and not really boutique. Maybe your goal is to become Peets? 😉 They took the slow, but quality root.

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