Surprise, your order is a day early

The day only became better. We were surprised by an order of 137 boxes being delivered a day early. What would Harris & Clark do? We make lemon-aid out of lemons people – And yes, that is a full 18 wheeler!

The truck is a day early

We unloaded the boxes, which took an hour longer than we hoped,

Unloading our first shipment

Sorted and counted the product – a very important step

Counting the boxes of the first shipment - we were short a few

Developed a system for organizing the product, knowing that we would spend next week merchandising the entire space

Make lemonade our of a truck load of lemons

and unpacked the entire load, in a couple hours less than we thought.

It's starting to look like a store

The Baruca Design team is great! And special thanks to Stephen and Vanessa. Many hands make light work.


1 comment so far

  1. MH on

    I am so excited. About to call ya’ll. It’s the 30th, so I am sure you’re up!

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