A thoughtful update: Part 5 – When a customer is more than just a customer

When is a customer more than just a customer? Is there ever such a situation? Sure.

1) When the store owners recognize that they are the only game in town and decide to provide customer-driven services and products that enrich the community. – “Give the people what they want and need”

2) When the customers act more like partners than patrons – “Many hands make light work”

3) When there is shared appreciation, and investment in the community, by the customers and business owner – “We are all in this together”

4) When the community prefers a retail model that is more in the European tradition of the old “Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker” – “Be great at something and let others do their thing”

This is the case at Serenbe.



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  1. MH on

    Ugh..where is part 1-4? Congratulations on a job well done. Continous improvements are always great!

  2. […] When a Customer is More than a Customer […]

  3. […] When a Customer is More than a Customer […]

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