Food School & Sandwich Contest Winners

Hey Guys:

Sorry for the long delay in communication. We’ve been busy building baskets, feeding friends, and getting kiddies back to school.

Sunday September 23rd, 2007
2:00-4:00 PM

Tour Serenbe Farms, Test Your “Organic” palate, and Celebrate the first day of Fall in the Farms

Some good news today, that is we’ve confirmed our first Food School class with Farmer Paige of Serenbe Farms. This will be a great inaugural Food School for us. The food and beverage world is drowning in green buzzwords like “organic”, “local”, “sustainable”, etc. It all sounds good, and surely means well, but what does it mean, and why is that important? Paige no doubt will be able to shed some insight.

So what exactly is Food School? It is unlike the current rage of cooking classes (though this will be our predecessor to that) and more about food education. In wine, you’ve heard of blind tastings, so in this class we’ll do the same. Compare seasonal and local produce to that being sold in big box grocers to see if we can decipher. This class will be especially beneficial for children as this is a great lesson for them to see what vegetables look like when in the ground, as opposed to in the package.
Serenbe Farms: A perfect venue for our first food school

Congratulations to Pam Hollis, Caroline Applegate, and Brigitte Stanfill as they are all finalists in our sandwich contest.

Their sandwiches respectively are Crabmeat White Truffle Egg Salad, Pan Bagnat- a summery egg salad of tomato, basil, and olive, and Laurel Canyon Special a prosciutto and goat cheese sandwich with walnut oil and marmalade.

Each of these ladies will have the chance to make their sandwich on Saturday September 8th. Please cheer them on and come by to vote on the winners.

More details to come on Next food school. Thanks for reading.


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