A Fresh Perspective

First, thanks so much to Paige for leading our very first food school last Sunday. In my mind, it was an absolute success. There is of course, a nervous restlessness that accompanies planning the first event of any sort; very Sweet 16ish. But there was something fundamentally more important than the concept or participants. The farm. A hayride and farm tour seems innocent enough, but it was an epic afternoon.

Off to the farm

On Sunday morning Paige dropped off a tub of freshly picked arugula on my front door. The odor of freshly picked arugula was pronounced- earthy and perfumed. As I constructed the salad of these freshly picked greens, I was compelled to taste as I seasoned. I’ve devoted my life to food, and consider fancy my palate “seasoned” in its own right. Not as if I haven’t eaten fresh greens before, but…they were soooo good. Arugula has texture, it is crunchy, it is peppery, spicy even. The musty wilted plastic bag of greens from Publix (proudly brandishing it’s organic label) was not arugula.

I will spare the politics behind the importance of eating locally. But, I challenge you all to visit Paige, or patron your local farmers market this weekend. Farm fresh produce is simple while enlightening. These are the exact moments that we hope to share with others as we continue to build our food school.


Paige shares the virtues of radish

At Harris & Clark, the Food School has been conceived merely as a celebration of food. We hope that you join us this weekend as we continue to taste the joy of handcrafted foods. I’m convinced you too will celebrate the talent and labor of these artisans.


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