OCT 14th: It’s What’s For Dinner!

Good Day! Today is the 5th of October, and only 9 days until our next Food School. Next Sunday Oct 14th, we talk BEEF.

Now, I was a little reluctant to put up a beefy photo, so here is a comprmise

Our guest is Carolyn Bradley of Farmhouse Organic Beef. Carolyn is a true hero in the world of American agriculture. Based out of Marshall, NC Carolyn raises grass-fed cows. I won’t be redundant about why it’s important to support farmers like Carolyn (though it is!) but, if the politics don’t entice you, there will be a beef chart on hand.

Ladies, please do not mistake this for a Manly Mans Food School- evaluting the cuts and quality of meat will prove invaluable as we gear towards Pot Roast and Ribeye season.

Turkey!? Simply not adequate

We will have tasty examples of grass-fed beef, though we’ll spare the blind tasting alongside “conventional” beef (and by conventional we do mean hormone infused). In all seriousness, if you haven’t ever truly taken a moment to taste grass-fed beef it actualy does taste “cleaner”, for lack of a better word. If you eat meat, you owe it to yourself to come to this class; you will no doubt gain an appreciation for both farmer and farmee. Here’s what’s in store:

-Lecture by Carolyn Bradley of Farmhouse Beef
-Learn various cuts of meat
-Learn the best cooking methods for each
-Why grass-fed beef matters
-A tasting of grass-fed beef (beef that tastes CLEAN)

Class Begins @ 2:00PM
rsvp ssatterfield@harrisclark.com


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