A Surprise Phone Call…

Today a good friend, Gary Carner of Sommelier Direct phoned with great news. Gary is an importer of fine wines based here in Atlanta. One of the wineries he represents is Praxis Winery of Sonoma, CA. Say what you will about the commute to Serenbe, but in this instance it pays off. Winemaker Bill Arbios gets off a plane Sunday morning, drives 15 minutes south, pours wine for complete strangers. Sold.

The timing on this call was impeccable. Bill’s Praxis Merlot was recently named Best Merlot Under $20 by Food & Wine Magazine. Not that we want you to be influenced by wine publications, so we invite you all to join us to form your own opinions. It is a rare opportunity to taste and talk with tremendously skilled producer–without the exchange of currency no less!

Sunday 1:00ish-3:00ish
Harris & Clark

Bill says Praxis makes perfect
Bill Says Praxis Makes Perfect


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  1. Damian Roberti on

    I recently moved to the North Georgia area ( Dawsonville to be exact) and opened my cookie company called “Roberti’s Turdilli’s”. My family and I make an Italian Wine cookie called Turdillis. I use Either a White/Red Wine, Flour , Sugar, Honey,Water, and Peanut Oil. I top them with Almonds, Pecans, Coconut, Chocolate, Hazlenuts, and severral other delicious toppings. I am looking for local Georgia Cafe’s, Bistros , and Resturants, as well as Wine lovers to try them. I have begun to “get them out there”. I had great success in South Florida where I started selling them. Please contact me at robertisturdillis@yahoo.com or http://www.robertisturdillis.blogspot.com to sample these truly unique cookies !
    Damian Roberti

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