Sweet Pockets


First off, what a great name for cupcakes. Has anyone else ever heard of a cupcake referred to as a sweet pocket? An aptly named confection the more I consider the name. Anyhow, after last weeks crash course on beef, we’re eager to move from the savory beef medallions to…sweet pockets!

Of course this will be a great class for kids. But, starting your day with smoky coffee and moist, frosting laden pound cake can also be quite grown up. Then there’s the aesthetic element. If there’s truth in the saying you eat first with your eyes, Lennie’s cupcakes would be a dazzling multi-course dinner for even the most jaded gourmets. Moms take note-if you’ve ever tried using a piping bag and ended up with an irregularly shaped log of icing protruding from your sweet pocket, this class will no doubt serve you well. So, if it makes you feel better, bring the kiddies. We won’t tell.

Learn more of Lennie’s Sweet Pockets here http://www.sweet-pockets.com/


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