Entertaining 101

Check your calendars. Tuesday November 6, 2007. Why does this matter? First, because 2007 is gone- a surreal thought. But, more importantly it means 17 days until T-DAY ( or is that T-17?) Either way, you will have guests, and if you’re anything like most of us, it will be a strenuous effort.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that just waltzes in to a warm kitchen reeking of roasted turkey, karma will pay you a visit. December 25 is exactly a month and three days from your role as gravy slurpin’ house guest to Martha Stewart disciple. You will no doubt spend your days furiously flipping and earmarking these magazines, in an attempt to capture a memorable dinner that seamlessly unfolds, all in the backdrop of a dining room right off the cover of Southern Living. A tall order. Enter Keith Robinson of Gloriosa Style.


If only…

Where do you start with Keith? For those of us that have met him, we can unanimously say we will never forget him. A dynamic and engaging persona, Keith is the founder of Gloriosa, Gloriosa the founder of all things stylish.

Gloriosa is the exclusive event production servicer for Serenbe. If any of you have attended a wedding in Serenbe in the last few years, Keith was likely the culprit of some of the most breathtaking receptions ever witnessed. His background in event planning is all encompassing: a renaissance floral engineer, caterer, planner, executer. Harris & Clark is pleased to have Keith join us for this class. It will alleviate the tensions of entertaining, or inspire those of us who find pleasure in welcoming others into our homes.


A Gloriosa masterpiece

Class will be held in Gloriosa’s beautiful boutique in Serenbe.
$35 begins at 2:00 PM


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