Just Add Honey

Brandi Barnes of Just Add Honey

DECEMBER 2, 2007
2:00 Just Add Honey

Just Add Honey is the brainchild of Brandi Barnes of Atlanta. As a lover of coffee and wine, admittedly, I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve tasted only a few teas that have the finesse of Burgundy, but folks like Brandi swear upon these subtle nuances.

Tea will be elevated to the Grand Cru status as we learn about tea pairings (yes, tea pairings) and proper tea tasting. Knowing what teas to drink, with what, and when, is a lot like wine. It will no doubt enhance the quality of the food before you. As your palate gains awareness, so too will your appreciation of these fine teas.

Brandi’s unique blend of teas has received much acclaim and can be found at retailers in Atlanta, the Blue Eyed Daisy , and of course, Harris & Clark.

Nothing like dreary weather to wake you up after a long weekend. Beyond the buzz kill of grey skys there is white noise of sniffling, sneezing, and puffy eyes. The dark side of the Holiday Season lurks. Getting sick sucks. Getting sick in November or December when everyone else eats, vacations, and sleep walks at work- sucks much more.

Many would be surprised to know one of the best remedies is also one of the most delicious. Local honey is one of the biggest immune and allergen boosters available to you. I will preface this by saying I’ve never attended Med School. But what I can say is I’ve never been sick during flu season, even in close quarters with sickly co-workers. For the last 4 years, when others have reached for flu vaccines, I’ve reached for local honey. Why? Because they do the same thing!

Allergies, come from an overexposure to an allergen or pollen. What a vaccination does is provide your body with small amounts of the harmful allergen, so you may boost your immune system against it. Your allergies come from exposure to pollen (from winds, friends, etc) or allergens. So where do the bees come in? They pollinate. This means when you eat honey, you are eating the very allergens that often make you and others ill. So, a little exposure to allergens via honey will actually boost your immune system. So rather than a flu shot this year-just add honey!

A delicious remedy


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