2008 Food School First Quarter Calendar

After a lazy two weeks of holiday gorging and lounging (then repeating the process), we’re ready to announce our first three Food School classes of the new year. After a busy 2007 food school calendar, we’ve grown wiser as we look towards our 1st anniversary this summer.

Harris & Clark welcomes Chef Megan McCarthy of Healthy Eating 101. Megan is a renowned specialist in teaching quick and healthy cooking. Please view her site for details http://www.healthyeating101.com

Meet the Wine maker: Juan de Vega of Bodegas Ventura de Vega Winery

Saturday February 2, 2008 2:00PM Cost: $10


Juan de Vega

Noticed a lot of Spanish wines on the market lately? Or, taken notice at how good these wines are? On Saturday February 2nd, we’ll be joined by Juan de Vega, third generation winemaker from Ribera del Guadiana, an impressive emerging wine region from Southwest border of Spain and Portgugal. Don’t miss a great opportunity to taste and talk with a talented wine maker from a legacy of vintners.


K Chocolat Presents: Chocolat Therapie

Sunday February 10, 2008 2:00 PM
Cost: $30

In the spirit of Valentine’s Harris & Clark welcomes Kristen Hard of K Chocolat. Kristen has a fascinating story as a chef turned chocolatier. Her chocolates are high in cocoa making them more savory. She also works with herbalists, infusing her chocolate with herbs to develop a delicious and guilt free chocolate consumption. In the spirit of Valentine’s, the class will feature her world famous Aztec Aphrodisiac blend, giveaways, and chocolate gift baskets for purchase.
Please visit Kristen’s website for more details http://kchocolat.com/

Beer & Cheese Tasting w/ Dennis Lange, Co-Owner of 5 Season Brewery

Sunday March 2, 2008 2:00PM
Cost: $30


Beer & cheese! What else needs to be said!? Dennis will conduct our tasting of the finest micro brews Atlanta has to offer with accompanying cheeses. Learn about beer production, pairing, and tasting. You WILL NOT want to miss this class. http://www.5seasonsbrewing.com/ More details soon.


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