Georgia’s Best Milk

Happy Monday:

We hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. Ours was spent in a delightful way, hanging out with wine maker Juan de Vega on a spring like afternoon in front of Harris & Clark. Be sure to check back soon for images and a podcast interview from this event.

Sparkman’s Cream Valley

After many months of searching for the perfect partnership in our dairy program, we’re happy to now carry Sparkman’s Cream Valley dairy products. Sparkman’s, a local creamery from Moultrie, Georgia (Colquitt county), shares our values to quality, and responsible, sustainable agriculture. Sparkman’s Jersey cows not only provide a higher content of calcium, but they are raised hormone free and bottled within 10 hours of milking! Think about that…10 hours from the time is milked, it’s already in the bottle. Amazing. The only thing more impressive is the bottles are made from cornstarch and are biodegradable.

21 Days
Sparkman’s milk is so fresh that the state of Georgia has allowed a 21 day policy on expirations. Since their milk is only distributed in the state of Georgia, there isn’t an additional weeks worth of refrigeration while the milk is shipped, which translates into a fresher product with a longer shelf life.

Harris & Clark will also carry the butter from Sparkman’s; produced by the aforementioned Jersey cows, With its high milk fat from those Jersey cows, this is a luxurious butter. No need to mute the flavors with refrigeration, let this one sit at room temperature (like good cheese), and used to finish for the worlds best mashed potatoes, or to add a silken texture and sheen to a pan sauce.

Be sure to take a look at the website, which contains a virtual tour of the farm.


2 comments so far

  1. extraface on

    I bought some of the butter and 2% milk over the weekend and just tried some. Wow. Can’t wait to try both out in some recipes.

  2. James Harris on

    Glad you liked it. We hope to carry their ice cream this summer as well.


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