Our Favorite Beer Maker

Dennis of 5 Seasons

Well, if you have not heard, this Sunday’s Food School will be like no other. Dennis Lange, co-owner of 5 Seasons Brewing Company, will host our first Food School focused on Organic Beer. Yes, one of Atlanta’s most celebrated beer makers will sample his hand crafted beers and an amazing cheese selection from Sweet Grass Dairy. Dennis will cover beer production, pairing, and tasting. And with a little encouragement he might sample some of his family’s limited production Soy Sauce.

Join us on Sunday, March 2nd at 2 pm. The cost of the class $30. Calling Harris & Clark, during store hours, to RSVP is recommended as seats are filling quickly – the store number is 770.463.6000.

For more about 5 Seasons Brewing Company and Dennis follow this link.

PS: Special thanks to Daily Candy for covering this weekends Food School. See this link to read their coverage.

Midday Update by Julia Hurwitz:

Interview with Dennis Lange, Partner of 5 Seasons Brewing

Q: How did you first become interested in brewing beer?
A: I was touring the world for the second time and while in St. Andrew’s, Scotland, I picked up a beer kit. I dragged it around with me and it was a few years later in 1992 that I actually made my first brew.

Q: What is your food and beer philosophy?
A: At 5 Seasons Brewing we use the best ingredients. Our Kitchen receives most of our products from 18 local farms and we buy the best quality and grade of malts from all over the world.

Q: Beer and cheese tasting? Tell us more?
A: When was the last time you saw a cow eating in a vineyard?
The taste profile from the hops, malt and yeast apply some really complex components. For example, you will receive lemon/citrus hints from the hops and caramel notes from the malts. Even the oil in the cheese coats your palette to make the malt shine. Cheese and beer offer a very unique pairing. For example: A Checkeslovakia Style Pilsner would compliment a blue cheese, Belgium Ale with semi-soft cheese, and European Lager pairs with goat cheese.

A note from Dennis: And while the area in front of the Sandy Springs location is under construction, 5 Seasons Brewing is open. Just valet your car and enjoy the welcoming surroundings. Select from an abundant of handcrafted beers, treat yourself to a bite to eat and support your local farmers.


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