Food School with Riverview Farms and Quinto McKenna: April 20th @ 3pm

Interview with Charoltte and Wes Swancy, Farmers of Riverview

Riverview Farms

Why should we buy grass-fed beef?
Grass-fed beef has great health benefits. One of those benefits is Omega-3’s. The Omega-3s are found in the grass which makes the meat not as acidic as wheat or corn fed beef and much easier to digest. With grass-fed beef you know your meat’s living conditions because you see the cows roaming in the pastures.

What is the best way to cook grass-fed beef?
We advise to roast, slow and low (temperature) and add just a little moisture. The meat will come out tender and delicious. When it comes to steak, we recommend trying not to cook it too long or the meat will become tough. Let the natural flavors of the beef shine though.

What is Berkshire Pork?
Berkshire Pork is heritage bred pork. Our farm is trying to bring this special breed back from many years ago. Berkshire pork is much harder to raise because it is pure bred. Most pork these days are cross breeds. Then, preservatives are added to the meat in order to make it “the other white meat”. Berkshire pork is natural and pink; the marbling makes it especially juicy and flavorful.

Tell me more about your family owned farm.
We believe in diversification. We utilize everything on the farm. We start by using the manure from our naturally fed beef and pork to fertilize the farm. We also grow our own produce to feed the animals. Everything on the farm is all natural. All aspects of the farm are treated with care and respect. The cyclical nature of the farm is what makes it so special.

Posted by Julia Hurwitz

Join us on April 20th @ 3:00pm to learn how to perfect your BBQ grilling of these fabulous meats with Quinto McKenna, General Manager of the Viking Culinary Arts Center in Atlanta. Quinto is a member of the Viking Culinary Team and has won one of the largest pork shoulder BBQ events in the U.S.A last May, and also won the same event at The Best of the Best in Douglas, GA. Please call for your reservation at the Harris & Clark Store, 770.463.6000 tickets are $20.00/person. Get your tongs ready!


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  1. Cindy Ferguson on

    Do you carry this beef in your store? and if so, what is the cost for ground beef?


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