Nuts for the Nutty Girl

Interview with Carolyn Cary-The Nutty Girl
Posted by: Julia Hurwitz

Tell me about your Original Nutty Girl Blend.

I get my almonds and walnuts from California and my pecans from Georgia. I roast the nuts and add dried New Jersey cranberries, organic rosemary, brown sugar, butter, and sea salt from the mines of Utah which has fantastic minerals making for a unique taste. There are no preservatives added. I have a new Sweet Nutty Girl in which I have added Ghirardelli dark chocolate to the original recipe.

How did the Original Blend come to be?

Fifteen years ago I received a recipe and I tucked it away. Several Thanksgivings later when my sister moved to Newnan, I remembered the recipe and wanted to make it for her. Roasting pecans was a tradition in my family so we started there. I read the recipe but I didn’t have all of the ingredients so I started adding and substituting. The mix was a hit. We sold the blend in my sister’s store and it was extremely popular. Word of mouth made us a success.

The artwork on the boxes is very creative. How did you come up with the design?

I knew the shape of the box I wanted. It was recommended to me to just go home and start painting and that’s exactly what I did. I created all of the designs and it was wonderful that they could be copied onto the boxes.

Could you recommend any food pairings or recipes?

Nutty Girl goes great with cheeses and fruit. You can top your salads with it or mix into your favorite chicken salad recipe. Another great idea is to grind it up as a delicious crust on pork loin.

Nutty Girl is sold country wide and Carolyn is excited to announce her new flavor; Spicy Almond. It will be available next year. We can’t wait to taste what we’re sure will be another delicious mix.
Nutty Girl Logo

Julia’s nibbling experience: This nut mixture is a great snack to keep in your purse or car. I love how plump the cranberries are and must be paired with dry Bombay Shappire Martini!


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    I have had them and they are great

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