May Cheese Fest Sunday, May 4th

Cheese Plate

Come join us for a FREE cheese tasting this Sunday, May 4th in front of Harris & Clark store. We will be showcasing over 8 different cheeses. You can’t miss this event. Bring your palette, a friend and come celebrate May Fest nibbling on wonderful local cheeses being served from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.
See you there!
Harris & Clark will be displaying:

Belle Chevre- located in Huntsville, Alabama. Founded in 1989, Belle Chevre has 51 national awards, hundreds of honorable mentioned and numerous accolades from critics.
Stop by and savor:

Herb de provence: goat cheese medallions in evoo with fresh herbs
Southern belle: montrachet style cheese w/ bourbon pecans, mint and sugar-Perfect for Derby weekend
Greek kiss: freshest of goat cheese wrapped in brined grape leave with greek essence

Locust Grove Farm- located in Knoxville, Tennessee. This unique farm only milks their sheep 150 days each year, using only fresh ingredients. No antibiotics or hormones, the flavors are all natural created by the milk it’s self and then aged in a cave environment. Cave environments are ideal for maintaining temperature and humidity, critical to the aging process of quality cheeses.
Galloway: raw sheep’s milk described as hard, crusty and nutty with a sweetness of caramel and burnt coffee
Appalachian Spring: handcrafted gouda using fresh raw milk, this cheese is white, slightly nutty with a sweet finish.
La Moncha: handcrafted batches are a close relative to a Spanish Manchego
Cumberland: a fantastic mix of green peppercorns, sweet red chili’s, onions, garlic and ginger

Sweetgrass Dairy- located in Thomasville, Georgia

The family owned dairy cows no longer live in barns on concrete. They live outdoors, get exercise, and enjoy grazing lush pastures just as cows on farms are supposed to. The Wehner family maintains sustainable, biological farming practices that always nourish the soil life first—the cornerstone for producing the highest quality foodstuffs. Sweetgrass never uses growth hormones or stimulants, and are highly conscious of providing our cows with what gives them the best life possible.
Green Hill: Award winning double cream, buttery taste with soft creamy medium rind, this cheese showcases milk from pasture grazes cows
Sevenwood: raw cow’s milk washed in balsamic vinegar, earthy fruit flavor- sevenwood comes from the seven woods allowed to age balsamic
Thomasville Tomme: raw cow’s milk, mild in taste, golden yellow with buttery charateristcs.

For more information please call Harris & Clark @ 770.463.6000

Posted by: Julia Hurwitz


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  1. Abbie on

    Wholly Smokes!! Who takes those pictures? They definitely make my mouth water. They look so rich and colorful. However, I’d hate to take a bite for the sake of the artwork. Julia blogger’s food descriptions alone are incredibly tasty. Is she also shooting the photos? That’s talent.

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