GRITS BITS Gourmet Girl

Grits Bits Product, Boxes, Tins and Cookbook

Gourmet entrepreneur is just one of Diane Pfeifer’s titles, creator of GRITS BITS Baked Snack Biscuits. Diane’s job descriptions do not stop at Grits gourmet girl, she also written many fun vegetarian cookbooks and has been a backup singer for Tammy Wynette and other famous song writer/vocalists. So why grits? Put a little southern in your mouth? These bite sized snack biscuits are baked with GRITS which come in 4 different flavors. These flavors include, Cheddar Cheese, Vidalia Onion Cheese, Jalapeno and Sweet Butter Cream. There is a nice sharp cheddar flavor to the Cheddar Cheese Biscuits. You could almost crumble them over chili or add them to your next batch of cinnamon apples. Each flavor had a wonderful consistency of grits bits in them. I felt like I could really taste the cornmeal. I also compliment the sweetness in the Vidalia Onion Cheese Biscuits. These biscuits would be great as a lamb crust or substituting it for bread crumbs when dredging your next white fish filet or chicken breast. Hmmmmmm……You can also pick up Diane’s “Gone with the Grits” cookbook which was featured on CNN and Southern Living. To purchase GRITS BITS, please feel free to stop by the Harris & Clark store or visit Diane at her site
“Warmest Grit-tings!”

Posted by Julia Hurwitz


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