Food School with the “Spice Manipulator”- Chef/Owner Robert Puerto, Soul de Cuba Cafe on Saturday, August 9th at 4pm

Come welcome chef/owner Robert Puerto of Soul de Cuba Cafe in New Haven, Connecticut and Honolulu. Learn the different traditions of Cuban culture, ethnic cuisine influences, and see why Cuban food is a true “soul food”.

Chef Puerto will be featuring his signature dish, “Pollo Soul de Cuba”. He starts off by marinating the chicken in his homemade mojo (combination of citrus and garlic). Then the chicken is breaded, fried and topped with mango, guava, black beans, pineapple and rum. DELICIOSO!

So, bring your own Mojitos, and join us on the patio for a true culinary experience. For reservations and more information please call Harris & Clark @ 770.463.6000. Reservations required, $10/person

Soul de Cuba is weeks away from being the first Cuban restaurant to be franchised in the world. Please feel free to visit their web site


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