Honey, like salt and pepper on the table.

Bee Man's Honey
I picked up this jar of honey at Harris & Clark with no label, just a small sticker on the bottom “ Bee Man Honey”. So I sat down with my in-laws and we decided to try this no label honey. We compared it to a few local honeys and a mass produced honey. No comparison. I was blown away by the “Bee Man Honey”. This honey was smooth and full of flavor. I tasted violets, lavender, blackberry and a slight hint of fennel. How does this honey get so much complexity? Well, I had to call George Chandler, the “Bee Man” himself, to find out.

It was fascinating to hear that Mr. Chandler started out as a gardener buying one bee hive to help pollinate his garden. Over the past 18 years his hives have increased to as many as 60. He has definitely seen a decrease in bees recently and looses approximately 8-10 hives each season. To compensate for this, each year, Mr. Chandler splits his hives and adds new queens in April. By mid June, he gets a sealed comb (a tell-tale sign the honey is ready). He treated me to an amazing but true story about “guard bees” whose sole responsibility it is to protect the hive. He’s received more than one sting from these protectors. Mr. Chandler is an absolute wealth of bee knowledge and has a true passion for his craft. The “Bee Man” does not use any chemicals to ward off mice or beetles, nor does he heat the honey. This pure raw honey is simply filtered 3 times through nylon stockings right into the jar. He only produces 200 gallons of honey each year and supplies local bakeries and townies. But where does this honey receive it’s complex flavor?
The “Bee Man” says the bees feast on a mix of wild flowers and tulip poplars. Due to the local pollen from the bees, he recommends a teaspoon of honey each day to help with allergies.

I would highly recommend this honey for your next cheese course drizzled over a stilton or gorgonzola. It’s also great in a cup of tea or mixed with Greek yogurt. When I asked him how he uses his honey, Mr. Chandler replied, “honey is on the table like salt and pepper!”.

“Bee Man Honey” is available exclusively at Harris and Clark and supplies are extremely limited. Stop in today for this special treat.

Posted By Julia L. Hurwitz


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  1. Sharon on

    I brought two jars of honey while on a trip to Serenbe. I am as impressed with the honey as I am with the beautiful town of Serenbe. I am on my last jar and I know that life will not be the same when I finish this last jar. I will be ordering more very soon. Thanks for great honey Mr. Chandler.

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