Tasting the Essence of Cuba/Flavors of the Soul- Food School with Chef Bren Herrera, Sunday, Sept 14th.

Join us for an exciting afternoon and learn Cuban secrets from this passionate chef. Bren was just featured on “Emeril Green” with Emeril Lagasse. You can check out her website at http://www.flanboyanteats.com.

Bren will share how she and her soulful family cook black beans, Picadillo and, of course, her famous espresso & traditional flans. This great Cuban combination will be washed down with “ugly fruit” mojitos followed by a 10 minute salsa lesson. To understand Bren’s cooking style, you have to know her philosophy about food and family. She tells me that like many Cubans, the Herreras convey their love for friends, family, and entertaining by cooking. She still remembers spending entire days in the kitchen with her mother as she prepared meals for all. It was this dedication to the culture and flavors that lead Bren down her successful path. We all know that great dishes come from the heart which is what makes Bren and her cuisine so special. We not only look forward to tasting her delicious dishes but hearing more about her wonderful history and limitless future. If you are the kind of person who has warm memories of family and food, you will absolutely relish this experience. We also can’t wait to ask her about her soon to be released cookbook. Please contact Harris & Clark (770-463-6000) today to reserve your place. See you there!

-posted by Julia L. Hurwitz


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  1. Heather Bergholt on

    What an amazing treat and wake-up to the senses! At the moment we walked in, we knew we walked into something special!! We will surely encourage anyone and everyone we know to take the time, go the extra mile, and engage their taste buds in one of these special evenings in Serenbe!! Everything was a treat- from the casual ambiance to the cuban cuisine!! Delicious!

    Thank you!

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