Meal of the Month kicks off with Delicious Homemade Via Elisa Pasta

We are happy to announce that Harris & Clark will be carrying Via Elisa Products. Via Elisa is know for quality and freshness and they respect the love of pasta as one of the world’s most satisfying foods. They make a variety of ravioli, tortelloni, gnocchi, cut pasta and various sauces. Via Elisa uses 100% organic flours, 100% organic semolina, eggs from free-range hens and luxurious cheeses imported directly from Italy.

Last summer I picked up their Ricotta Lemon Zest Ravioli and I found it to be delicate, fresh and balanced; allowing the organic flavors to shine.(something that is rarely found in this current pre-packaged pasta world) I have also had many other Via Elisa products and they are a dream, for the pastas taste like I made them myself. Via Elisa products will be available in the store starting Friday, September 19th. Please stop by the store and receive an extra 10% off.

For September’s Meal of the Month we will feature Via Elisa’s Sweet Potato Ravioli served with sauteed greens and brown butter. Harris & Clark will provide all the ingredient for this wonderful meal, even the recipe. Please call ahead to reserve your fork and knife for this delightful meal. The Meal of the Month will only be available Friday-Sunday. As a courtesy, we ask that you place your order a minimum of 5 days in advance. Thank you!
For more information or to place an order please call Harris & Clark at 770.463.6000. Fire up those stove tops!

Posted by Julia L. Hurwitz


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