Fairywood Thicket Farms: Old Fashioned Peach Butter

White peaches, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla, cinnamon, and pectin are the only ingredients in this delicious, all natural butter. I love the fact that the peaches, including the skins are not pureed like some other fruit butters such as apple and pumpkin. You should add this Peach Butter to your next brie and turkey sandwich, or use it as a great glaze for pork tenderloin. Try substituting Fairywood Thicket Farms Peach Butter for mango chutney in your next chicken curry salad. I promise you wont be disappointed. There is a delicate but delicious balance of vanilla and cinnamon which makes the peach butter an obvious topping on your Sunday morning French toast. The Peach Butter’s best quality is certainly it’s versatility. Options are limited only by your imagination so be creative and enjoy!

For more information on Fairywood Thicket Farms please feel free to stop by the store or call them direct at 770.306.6187

Posted by Julia L. Hurwitz


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