Eatwell Bakery’s Whole Wheat Crunchy Bread

Whole Wheat Bread

If you are not familiar with the health benefits of wheat bread here is a quick Cliff’s Note. Wheat in it’s natural unrefined state features a host of important nutrients such as fiber and manganese. Most wheat products in the U.S. have been stripped down to bleached white flour. Unfortunately the original wheat grain has been removed, taking with it over half of the vitamin B1, B2, E, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron and fiber. To receive benefits from the wholesomeness of wheat, it is important to choose wheat products that are made from whole wheat flour rather than those that are refined and stripped of their natural goodness.
Enter Eatwell Bakery’s Whole Wheat Chrunchy Bread. When it comes to eating healthy, Eatwell Bakery’s Whole Wheat Crunchy Bread hits the bullseye. This bread is made with the freshest ingredients to ensure the highest quality by using organic wheat, natural mineral salt, organic eggs, raw honey, extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground & whole flax seeds, sunflower seeds, millet, filtered water and yeast. I simply toasted this bread and drizzled Bee Man natural honey over it, poured a cup of coffee and I was in heaven. This all natural bread can also make great peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and gourmet BLT‘s. Eatwell Bakery’s Whole Wheat Crunchy Bread tastes phenomenal and as a bonus, is good for you too. Stop by the store and pick up your fresh loaf today!

posted by: Julia L. Hurwitz


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