Georgia Greens with Charli Vogt, RN, MN, MPH Food School October 4th

Join us for one of the healthiest food schools we’ve ever held as we welcome enthusiastic nurse and chef Charli Vogt who will teach us how to incorporate more nutrients into our diet. As Charli shared with me, “If you put 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of kale side by side, the kale has more calcium.” Her philosophy is that “Greens should be a staple of everyone’s diet. There are more to greens then just salad.” At Charli’s upcoming Food School Saturday, October 4th, she will share with us various recipes, cooking methods and even a grocery list of many healthy and delicious substitutes we can use in our everyday eating habits. Charli plans on sharing a terrific green stir fry made with ginger, garlic and lime. Although Charli is not originally from the south she has learned to love Georgia Greens and is excited to talk about kale, collard greens, turnip greens, and more. We look forward to unlocking the vitamin and mineral filled secrets that Charli will share with us from her vault of over 35 years experience in health and nutrition. You won’t believe how fabulous greens can really be. Turns out Popeye had it right all along.
For reservations or more info please call Harris & Clark at 770.463.6000

You can also join Charli online for her radio program, Beyond the Measuring Cup: A look at Things Beyond the Usual in Food and Health every Thursday morning on 1620 AM, from 11:00AM-12:00PM, streaming live online at The shows are archived so listen anytime at:


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  1. harlemstern on

    Aww, my favorite food!

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