Scrumptious Sunday Morning Biscuits and Sweet Breads Food School with Chef Cassandra Loftin: Saturday, December 6th


Come join us for a wonderful Saturday afternoon and learn how a few simple ingredients will inspire your imagination and appetite. We are excited to welcome Cassandra Loftin, Sous-Chef and Restaurant Manager of our local Inn, The Farmhouse. Chef Loftin’s specialty is American Regional “scratch” cooking and her goal is to prepare and promote local traditional recipes and family cultures. Chef Loftin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge since working in Public Health Research, private households, the W Hotel Midtown and Masterpiece Events in Washington D.C. The event will kick off with a demonstration of Sweet Potato Biscuits. The biscuit portion of this Food School will be hands on, so roll your selves up! Other items that will be featured are Cheese Biscuits (garlic, cheddar and parmigiano-reggiano), Biscuit Kisses (biscuits filled with orange marmalade and drizzled with orange icing) and Sweet Biscuits. The biscuits you’ve created in this Food School will be paired and tasted with local honey and preserves. Yummy! Chef Loftin will also execute the make Blintz Biscuits, which produces a very light and flaky biscuit and is very similar in the technique of making croissants. She will also teach us about making Lemon-Sour Coffee Cake and Swedish Pancake. Get your coffee ready! Saturday, December 6th from 3-5 pm for these delicious and perfect morning treats all year round, or just for holiday entertaining! Reservations are $25 per person- We look forward in seeing you there. For reservation or questions please call Harris & Clark at 770.463.6000.



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