Food School at Harris & Clark


January begs you to stay indoors to organize your pantry and declutter your closets. But, shouldn’t that already be done? I mean a new year screams for new projects and new adventures. Why not explore a new world of FOOD? Take a look at what Harris & Clark has in store for 2009!

We welcome you to stop in for tasting experiences throughout the year. Each month Harris & Clark will feature some different cuisines along with many of our favorites. Come with us as we share our culinary experience with you!

January“Raw Food in the Country”

January 10th and 11th – Meat Loaf becomes Nut Loaf Tasting (free)2pm-4pm

January 17th and 18th – Apple Pie in the Raw Tasting (free)2pm-4pm

Food School Class – Sunday, January 25th 3:30pm -5:30pm – “Raw Food in the Country”
Learn how to prepare your own Raw Food menu with Chef Cassandra Loftlin. Discover a new way of enjoying all of your favorite foods raw. This class will accommodate a small group size of 12 people. It is a hands on class so, bring an apron. The cost is $25 per person. You will be surprised at all you will learn and enjoy eating!


It is still winter, and oh! how I long for a winter white day in February. You know the kind of weather that warrants hot chocolate a good book or movie and one of those new snuggle blankets with arms (haha!). Well, we don’t have the blanket but, we will provide the chocolate and some black history. Come by and taste some of the best tasting chocolate dipped delicacies the south has to offer!

Come to Harris & Clark and explore a Soul Food explosion with your taste buds! We will host a culinary tour of African-American History.

Sunday, February 1st – Soul Food Tasting and Black History Trivia (free) 2pm-4pm

Food School Class – Sunday, February 22nd 3:30pm-5:30pm – “Soul Food Delicacies”
Have you ever tasted a meal prepared with scrapes and parts that were thought to be inedible? Well, neither have I. I have heard many stories and I can’t wait to share them with you. Join me (Anissa) and my parents (Wardell and Jean) as we share some family soul food delicacies and stories from our history scrap book. For $20 enjoy dinner, a cooking demonstration, story telling and black history trivia. The dinner will accommodate a small group of 10. Make your reservation today! (see below)

It’s a Chocolate Party! How many ways can you eat chocolate? We will enjoy chocolate candy, chocolate covered fruit and snacks, and even chocolate covered meats. What spices and herbs make the best chocolate combinations? You be the judge.

Saturday and Sunday, February 7th and 8th – Chocolate Tasting from K-Chocolat (free) 2pm-4pm

Food School Class – Sunday, February 15th 3:30pm-5:30pm – “It’s A Chocolate Party”.
Create your own chocolate combinations using various spices, herbs and scents. Who knows, you may discover that there is a chocolatier in you! This hands on class will accommodate a small group of 12. The cost is $25 per person and don’t forget to bring an apron.

Contact Anissa Harris to reserve your seat at or 404-604-6461


2 comments so far

  1. Elizabeth on

    I love your idea of the food school school during Black History Month. What are some of the dishes you and your family will be preparing? Will there be a gift given during the Triva? If so what type/kind. Excellent Food School keep them coming. Will I be able to bring about 4 people with me?

  2. jo patterson on

    ‘Nissa, I can hardly wait to try the chocolate dipped chitterlings! I plan to accompany your mom in February.

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