Grits on a Sunday Morning

Bowl of Georgia grits with a little butter

Bowl of Georgia grits with a little butter

Sunday morning breakfast was the most memorable meal of the week at my house when I was growing up. My nose would be awakened to the smell of pork and handmade hot biscuits, with grits and eggs on the side. I still don’t know how my mother did all that cooking before leaving for Sunday School. My sister often reminds me that women aren’t made like our mother anymore. Anyway, no matter how good the bacon or sausage smelled, the grits always stole the show at the table. They held their heat and warmed the rest of the meal when I mixed the eggs and bacon together. Mmmm!! is all I can remember saying. Boy, those were the days!

Now in my kitchen, I am proud to say that I have mastered those grits making skills. I prepare my grits with good whole milk from Sparkman’s Dairy and real butter. My girls have decided to boycott grits these days but, they will be back looking over the pot soon. But James, can’t seem to get enough of them. We had grits for breakfast three days in a row this week. These are not instant grits from a box, they are the real deal-stone ground white grits from Jenny and Jack Sun Farms by way of Glover Farms and sold at Harris & Clark as well as the Love is Love Farm Stand. The best way to prepare them is in a pot, on the stove over a low simmering flame (I like gas stoves) for 45 minutes, stirring constantly. This is no Monday morning breakfast. Wait until next Sunday to enjoy!

How to prepare Georgia Stone Ground Grits:

1 cup whole milk
1 cup water
1 tsp salt
1 Tbl butter
6 Tbl grits (3 Tbl for 1 cup of liquid)

In a medium sized pot on med/high heat add milk and water, salt and butter, bring to a boil. Whisk in grits all at once. Turn heat down to a low simmer and continue to whisk 2 minutes. Cover and set timer to 45 min. Every 5 minutes, whisk to keep the grits from sticking. Add more liquid(milk or water) as needed.


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  1. Calandria on

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My house smelled the same way on Sunday morning. Your sister is so right; God doesn’t make women like He did when He made our Mom’s. This is definitely not a Monday morning meal. We still eat the instant grits. I will have to try the Georgia Stone Ground Grits (on a Sunday). 🙂

  2. Robin on

    “No self respecting southern eats instant grits.” There is definitely a difference between instant and stone, ground, slow cooked grits. I think we should all make a pledge to renewing Sunday breakfast/brunch around the table with family and friends and southern favorites. Use that time to reconnect and get recipes from mom and grandma and pass down to our children. Thank you for the jogging the memory – I’m going to try cooking some next Sunday.

  3. joy on

    Wow, growing up in my house it was Saturdays. At first, I didn’t really like grits. But week after week they made it back on the table. So I grew to like them, then love them. So thanks for the simple receipe. Hmmm, the grits would probably go well with shrimp…

  4. Roland on

    Although my moms and all SEVEN of her sisters are fabulous cooks, it was summers at my Grandmother’s house in Mobile, AL that inform my breakfast fantasies! Hot homemade biscuits baked on a steel pan older than my youngest aunt; ham and bacon cooked to crisp perfection; fluffy eggs scrambled in a cast iron skillet on a gas stove; and of course: creamy smooth grits full of butter!!! Mmmmmmm! Well, I’ve got to run – I’ll be booking a trip to Mobile immediately!

  5. Madeline Rabb on

    My son and daughter-in-love sent me an amazing assortment of goodies for my birthday. Among them were 3 packages of grits. I was puzzled and asked why so many. I could hear the smile in his voice when he said, actually one is for us, and the others are for you. Trust me, just taste them. I wondered how great they could be, because I have been buying some, which I thought were pretty darm good, from a small company in Mississippi for a number of years.. So I followed the directions adding wonderful, buttery cheddar cheese. THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS!!! I had them the first time with eggs and bacon. The next time with Chicken livers, mushrooms and onions. These grits are rich, smooth and silky, with the intense undertones of white corn. I just decided, I’m feeding a “gentleman caller” this evening, who is quite a foodie, and I’m going to serve them with lamb chops and collard greens!!! I can’t hardly wait!!!! YUM!!!

  6. Maurice Rabb on

    Those grits we bought from you are SO GOOD!!!!! I cooked them with some-earthy-crunchy bacon and a little dollop of goat cheese. From time to time need to ensure my wife’s continued love. 😉 Help! I need a grit pipeline!

  7. Brent on

    As a southerner transplanted to the northeast, I lament the absence of grits on virtually all menus. For others in the same situation, I’ve found that hospital cafeterias are your best bet (and they usually do a pretty good job!)

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