A Winter Wonderland In My Cup

coffee with wiped cream

I am having, and have had, a cup of coffee.  I could think of nothing better to do with my time for a few hours this morning and into the afternoon.  The snow in Atlanta today was spectacular!  I love the snow but only one weekend at a time.  Some people enjoy the sport events that only the snow can provide and others like me, well, it’s a warm cup of mocha java with added caramel and fresh whip cream.  I think my competition is how many extras can I add to my coffee to top the previous cup that excites me so much.  Today’s brew was whatever I had on hand.  It was perfect!

How we drink our coffee, tea or even hot chocolate is such a phenomenon, that I think we take so much away from the intended product.  Counter Culture Coffee, one of my favorite coffee roasters, would encourage me to savor the flavor but, I think it is the smell of the bean and the brew that keeps me coming back.  I have become slightly addicted and to me, right now, that is okay.

Happy Drinking!


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  1. lynda on

    Yes, I’ve heard of Counter Culture Coffees out of North Carolina. I was impressed because I understand they import beans from all over the world, but only with those companies who pay their workers fair wages! Take my order, I definitely want to try it.

  2. Janet Willis on

    Hello Harris and Clark –

    My husband and I were in your store last month after staying at the inn. What a great store! I promised to send you a sample of some great chocolates made in the Seattle market.
    Can you send me your mailing address?

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