The King, the Carpet Bagger and the Bee Man are in the building

This Winter we decided to extend our commitment to support local food producers. The we’ve been approach by a few beekeepers that wanted Harris & Clark to sell their honey, but lacked the resources to bottle their product. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will there is always a way.”

So, Harris & Clark is now in the premium honey business. We’ve created a line of six, small batch, artisanal Southern honeys at are beyond description. Each variety has been given a name that reflects it’s character and its place in Southern history. The first two honeys to arrive are the The King, our Tupelo and The Carpet Bagger, our Palmetto – once call the “true jewel” of Florida.

Come in and have a sample. We would also love your feedback – leave us a comment. Four others are on their way.

– Harris & Clark


2 comments so far

  1. Alyssa Cassatto on

    YUMMY honey i really like the tags!!!!

  2. Emily Robinson on

    My mom and I were in a few weeks ago and we were talking about honey when my mom mentioned the best she ever had was avocado honey. I finally remembered the name of the fruit stand in S Florida where we got it. It was the Robert is Here fruit stand in Homestead, FL. I hope you are able to talk them into letting you sell it there, because it would be a lot closer than having to go to FL to get it =)

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