Pickled Vidalia Onions Rock Harris & Clark to its Core!

 Harris & Clark Pickled Vidalia Onions

Harris & Clark Pickled Vidalia Onions

There was no blind tasting; no questions as to why the Figs Preserves were next to the Pepper Jelly, which was next to the Pickled Vidalia Onions, just an in-store stampeded to the Pickled Onions – I have to admit they are sweet and tangy; and really good.

Pickled Onions with Habaneros Pepper
And not being one the enjoys “spicy” food, I even enjoyed the Pickled Vidalia Onions with a sliced habanero pepper tossed into the mix. To say that peppers add a little kick is an understatement!

First Pick Farms Peppers

The habaneros are from First Pick Farms just down the road from Serenbe; farmer William Hennessy (see below) has been “hooking-us-up” with the some of the most amazing peppers over the last few weeks. You can find his tomatoes, bell and habanero peppers at the Serenbe Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning from 9 to Noon.

William Hennessy of First Pick Farms

William Hennessy of First Pick Farms


4 comments so far

  1. Gae Green on

    The Peach Pie Butter is so good it’s inspired me to get out of bed early and start eating breakfast again. mmmmmmmmmm Peach Pie Butter on hot biscuits, is it morning yet???

  2. Torrice, Lauran & Morgan on

    THe Peach Pie Butter is simply delicious!! We’ve finished off one jar (in about 5 days) and now we’re heading back to get more. Sooooo good!!

  3. Tammy on

    Went in on a whim. Came out with several goodies!!! I’ve already finished the jar of pickled okra. Would love a “medium” heat option as well. The habanero vinegar was lights out!!! Loved it on some sauteed spinach and Kale. And the honey…. I’m going to put the small ones in baskets with apples for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashannah. My way of wishing everyone a sweet and fruitful New Year.

  4. Arlen on

    I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this website is actually nice.

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