Jamie Oliver Wants to Save our Children!

Already a fan of Jamie, we found ourselves inspired by his vision and caring. It’s amazing that a Brit needed to come to America to remind us that we are killing our children. God bless him! You can find more information about the work that Jamie is doing here in the states, and worldwide, at his website here.

As part of winning the 2010 TED prize, Jamie was given a $100,000 and a wish that the TED community will collectively support over the next 12 months. What was his wish?

“I wish for the TED community to create a movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and bring people together everywhere to fight obesity,” said Jamie. “My hope is that millions more people will learn, as so many have already, that it is a happier, healthier life that is built around eating good food, together with family and friends.”

Think how you and your family, or business, might support this revolution. Our children are counting on us.


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