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Blogging live from the Georgia Organics 2010 Conference

Georgia Organics 2010 Conference

I’m overjoyed that Georgia Organics asked me to speak again this year about Social Media and the good food movement – I think they like me!

The great news is that the session yesterday was well attended and after 4 hours of Social Media the majority of the class seemed empowered to go out and take on world.

I learned the few things from the workshop members:

1) Helping people connect the dots between Facebook, Podcasting, and blogging is really important.

2) Showing example of what others are doing is more important that explaining how it “work”s – seeing the podcast of or Slow Foods created “Wow” moments for a number of the workshop members.

So thanks to all those that attended the workshop and thanks to Georgia Organics for empowering the movement.