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Enjoying April McGreger’s Preserving Session at the Ga Organics Conference

We have been following April’s Farmer’s Daughter Brand products for a couple of years. Not only is she an amazing preservationist, but she is someone that we admire for her passion around keeping the art of traditional preserving alive. She would kind enough to provide a couple of different resources for those in the session:

1) She provided a collection of preserving recipes- you can find them by clicking here.

2) She also provided a list of preserving resources for those that are just starting out – here.

I’m hoping to be able to interview her after the session. Cross your fingers…


Come capture the season- Food School on Sunday, July 13th with Chef Linton Hopkins of Restaurant Eugene for Canning, Pickling & Preserves

Canning, Pickling & Preserves Food School Sunday, July 13th, Join James Beard Award winning Chef Linton Hopkins, Executive Chef of Restaurant Eugene and Holman & Finch Public House. Come capture the season and learn the steps to become a better cook!

How did you first become interested in canning, pickling and preserves?

It is in my family history. I grew up with canning, pickling and preserving and always remember presents and exchanges of pickles from my aunts. It has also influenced my way of thinking of capturing farm fresh products picked at prime ripeness. Our menu at Restaurant Eugene changes every night to offer our guests the freshest of products. For example we pickled artichokes and served them with scallops and brown butter. We also just received the last 10 cases of strawberries picked at the season’s peak and we’ll be making strawberry preserves. At restaurant Eugene we have a full time preservationist who captures each season. It’s the fabric of what we do in the restaurant.

What can participants expect to learn at the food school?

We will learn to pickle cucumbers, both bread and butter and chow-chow style. I will hopefully get some peaches for a preserve as well.
I would like to talk about balance. Balance in the long form which starts with a discussion about getting the best from each harvest and the freshest of products. Then we’ll get into the science and simplicity of brining with sugar, vinegar and salt.

Chef Hopkins’s dedication to canning, pickling & preserves goes beyond just the Harris & Clark Food School. At Restaurant Eugene, to accentuate his daily menus, he and his staff make their own mustard, ketchup, pickled onions and even cranberry juice.

We are truly honored and trilled to have this one in a million opportunity to learn from one of the Southeast’s finest chefs. Join us on July 13th for this unforgettable and exciting experience. For reservations and more information please call Harris & Clark @ 770.463.6000. Reservations required, $25/person.

Please visit, their new bakery and also new casual restaurant Holman & Finch Public House.

Interview by Julia L. Hurwitz